In 2004, we have become the first company in Croatia to manufacture raw materials and finished products for production of artisanal ice cream (gelato). Since then, our product range has expanded to hot and frozen drinks, as well as mixes for bakeries, cafes and confectionery shops. By constantly investing into new technologies, research and education, we strive to offer our costumers products of highest quality, as well as unmatched customer service. Product formulations are continuously revisited through communication with our customers, using only raw materials of the highest quality.


Ice Cream

Since the founding of our company, ice cream has been at the center of our business. Over the past three decades, our products have become synonymous with highest quality, and our company as the leading manufacturer of all products for making of artisanal ice cream. Constant communication with our customers and end consumers is the secret of our success, whose feedback has been crucial in perfecting all of our formulations.


The Tangar Ice Cream product range includes everything you need to produce artisanal ice cream, including ice cream pastes, ice cream bases, FIT bases (for vegan and protein ice cream), decorative toppings, cones, dessert toppings and a large variety of accompanying equipment.


We work with you to create extraordinary partnerships based on trust, excellent products and superior service. Contact us today to speak with a catering and specialist for your catering needs.



After the great success of our ice cream products, our loyal customers have encouraged us to start developing a range of products designed for bakeries. Our most popular products in this range are instant pancake and fritule mixes. Both mixtures have been carefully developed so that the integrity of the traditional recipe is not compromised, which has been confirmed by the incredible feedback from our customers. Other products in this range include thermostable, decorative sugar, mousse mixes in various flavors, and thermostable gelatin of vegetable origin.



Tangar Beverages are intended for pastry and caterers seeking simple and quality solutions for the most popular summer and winter beverages. We currently offer: Granita mixes (in four fruit flavors), Uni Frappe, and hot milk and white chocolate. Beverage mixtures come in 1 and 2 kg packaging and are ideal for cafes, restaurants, hotels and other caterers.

TANGAR d.o.o.

Since 1991., the Tangar Company has been offering "everything for ice cream", including raw materials and finished products, as well as all necessary equipment for artisanal ice cream production. Our wide range of ice cream products include bases and flavouring pastes for artisanal ice cream, decorative toppings, and decorations. We also offer bakery products (including pancake mixes, fritule and mousse mixes) and beverages (granita, hot chocolate and frappe mixes).

We strive to ensure the continuity of product quality through constant communication with customers. Improving the quality of both the products and services and the overall business of the company is a constant task of the management and every employee of TANGAR d.o.o.



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