In 2004, we have become the first company in Croatia to manufacture raw materials and finished products for production of artisanal ice cream (gelato). Since then, our product range has expanded to hot and frozen drinks, as well as mixes for bakeries, cafes and confectionary shops. By constantly investing into new technologies, research and education, we strive to offer our costumers products of highest quality, as well as unmatched customer service. Product formulations are continuously revisited through communication with our customers, using only raw materials of the highest quality.

Fritule Mix

Fritule are a traditional Croatian dessert that resemble donut holes. They are served during Christmas Advent all over Croatian coast. This sweet, aromatic, bite-sized desserts have become incredibly popular "finger food" over the last several years, so we have developed a powdered mix to ease the preparation without compromising the flavor, freshness or texture.

Fritule Mix contains thermally pasteurized eggs, therefore alleviating any fear of microbiological contamination that comes with preparation using the traditional recipe.  


Fritule Mix requires only addition of water, and any leftover prepared mix can be stored in refrigerator and used again the following day. Another great advantage of this product is that it does not absorb oil! 

The product is sold in 5 kg packages. 

Pancake Mix

PANCAKE MIX is a powdered product that requires only addition of water for quick and easy preparation of pancakes (crepes). Just like Fritule Mix, this product contains thermally pasteurized eggs, therefore alleviating the stress of microbiological contamination that normally comes with using egg-based recipes. Prepared pancakes are light, and don't stick to the pan. 

Preparation: in 1 L of water, add 600 grams of Pancake Mix and 4 spoons of vegetable oil. Mix until homogeneous. Let the mix stand for 10-15 minutes, than pour into pan. Pancakes are done when both sides have golden color. 

Pancake Mix comes in 5 kg packaging. 

Choco Fun

Choco Fun is chocolate for fountains and glazes. 

Dosing: as much as you want!


Packaging: 3 kg container

Gasto Gelatin

GASTRO GELATIN was developed for preparation of thermo-reversible water-based jellos. Unused, prepared gel can be reheated, melted and reused again. Gastro Gelatin is an exceptional product due to ease of use and quickness of gelation, making it a perfect alternative to animal-based gelatin. Gastro Gelatin is characterized with high transparency, gloss and strength. 

Gastro Gelatin is prepared by mixing 60 grams of the powdered product with 600 mL of water and 340 grams of sugar. Heat until boil, then stir for 5-6 minutes until it starts solidifying. Pour over the dessert. Total gelation time is 15 minutes. The recipe is sufficient for 4-5 cakes. 

The product is packaged in 1 kg bags and lasts 24 months after the production date. 


MOUSSE is a light, frothy dessert that is traditionally made from eggs and sweet cream, while chocolate or fruit are often added as well. Tangar Mousse powder is used for instant preparation of large quantities of mousse desserts with rich flavor and delicate texture.


Flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry. 


Preparation: in 1 L of cold milk, slowly add 100 grams of mousse powder, then mix with electric mixer for 4-5 minutes at high speed. Finally, refrigerate the mousse for 1-2 hours before serving. 

Mousse can be decorated with whipped cream or fresh fruit


SNJEŠKO is thermostable powdered sugar used for decoration of baked goods.

Packaging: 1 kg and 20 kg containers. Expiration date is 18 months from production date.

TANGAR d.o.o.

Since 1991., the Tangar Company has been offering "everything for ice cream", including raw materials and finished products, as well as all necessary equipment for artisanal ice cream production. Our wide range of ice cream products include bases and flavouring pastes for artisanal ice cream, decorative toppings, and decorations. We also offer bakery products (including pancake mixes, fritule and mousse mixes) and beverages (granita, hot chocolate and frappe mixes).

We strive to ensure the continuity of product quality through constant communication with customers. Improving the quality of both the products and services and the overall business of the company is a constant task of the management and every employee of TANGAR d.o.o.



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